Dr Babita Singh

Dr Babita is Coordinator of all Research & Academic Programs of UYLS, whether they are day-today activities, Camps or any International Event. She has an unending thirst for learning and therefore aȅer completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education and Advance Yoga Teacher’s Training RYT 500 level in 2012, she has joined RYT 200, 300 and 500 Hrs again. Her dedication towards the UYLS and Yoga is unmatched. A passionate  cademician by profession, she practically lives the life of a yogi. Her deep understanding of Yoga Philosophy and vast knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology along with good Communication Skills makes her the excellent Yoga Master.

Dr Anita Choudhary

Being Professor and Head in the Physiology Department of RDG Medical College, Ujjain MP India, Dr Anita leads a very busy life of an Academician and Researcher. But her interest in yoga brought her to Ujjain Yoga Life Society. Aȅer learning Yoga from there, she is rendering her selfless service to the UYLS since its foundation and holds various positions during its International events. Now-a-days she is trying to infuse the yogic approach of holistic health into her medico students and doing research in therapeutic aspects of yoga. She holds Master degree in Physiology and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education.

Ms Simmi Saxena

A very calm and quite person by nature but her perseverance with the given task is phenomenal. Ayurved Ratna Mrs Simmi is now pursuing her Ph D research work in “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras” and is trying to simplify to make them easily comprehendible and thus useful for every layman and even for the kids. She is quite capable of transforming the heavy philosophical ancient yogic text into simpler one for the beginners in yoga training. She is a well trained, experienced, diligent and devoted Yoga Master RYT-500 of UYLS.

Ms Latika Vyas

A vibrant, charming, hardworking, well trained, experienced and devoted Yoga Master of UYLS who makes the asanas practice a joyous task even to the beginners whether it is a routine Yoga session, special camps or a TTC. Apart from holding degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education and RYT-500 certification, academically Mrs Latika has already submitted her Ph. D. thesis in Nutrition and Dietetics, so she also expertise in one of the pillars of yoga namely “AHAAR” (Food). Her friendly and jovial ways can boost every body’s spirit and inspires them to strive for achieving their goals in yoga practice.

Mr Nitin David

A master of soȅ skills, Mr Nitin David is giving training to the students and corporate of various fields all over the Nation. He is at par in imparting the communication skills in the learner. He is a Social Activist too and is working day and night to raise the awareness regarding various social concerns like gender inequality, safety measures on roads etc. amongst the people of society especially the youth. He is blessed with the impactful, deep voice and thus is a Voice over
Artist as well.

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